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Fabulous foxes with the talented Tom

Once again we make a return visit and this time to Tom Way and his fox hide.

This time I am well armed with my new D500 and Mr A with the Canon 7D so we are hoping for an improvement on our pictures from last year.

We settle into the hide and Tom, as usual, gives us the update and outlines what to expect, before he leaves us to it.

Within the first 30 mins the foxes have put in numerous appearances and this continues for the next few hours until Tom returns to see how the session is going and to catch up on which of the foxes are out and about.

While we are talking a little red face pops up in the far corner of the field, waiting for Tom to disappear, and soon as he is out of sight the little family resumes its foraging in the field.

It looks as though one of this gang is a blast from the past - "scar face" (there is a familiar inverted V on the left hand side of its nose) - who we met last year, but there is also a new face and most definitely a baby face, one of this years cubs with a beautiful young face and big ears. Once again, time just drifted away and we were both enthralled by the antics of these very cheeky creatures.

The last visit was undoubtedly the best when a youngster wandered within 20 foot of the hide, plonked itself down and had a good scratch before staring at the hide and then strolling away.

All this peace and wildlife and only a few minutes from the M40 - its a far cry from Tom's normal photographic stomping guide of Africa, but nevertheless, perfect!

And guess what - Mr A has already booked for next year!

Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes), relaxing in the grasses

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