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What’s in store for 2023?

Just a quick update to finish off last year – Project 52 was completed and had a nice end to it as I took my grandson out for a photography day and he appeared to really enjoy himself – he certainly took enough pictures (800+)!

The project achieved it’s goal in getting me out with the camera on a regular basis, but I hadn’t realised how hard it would be – having to get a worthwhile image every week meant I couldn’t rely on visiting places that offered amazing landscapes and, instead, had to work harder to find something locally.

It proved very difficult and extremely frustrating at times, but at least made me think about the images more, so there was a plus side to it.

As we all know, the country experienced an incredible cold snap in December and I was very lucky to be in Grasmere for two weeks when it occurred – I have never seen conditions like it and don’t expect to see it again any time soon.

I spent two weeks chasing around the area trying to capture as many photo’s as I could and, I’m pleased to say, came away with a bucketload of very nice pictures.

Finally, for 2022, I was notified that one of the two images that were shortlisted in the British Wildlife Photography Awards (BWPA) has been selected for publication in the book – to say I’m delighted is a massive understatement! Obviously, I’ve already ordered my copy!!

2023 – what will be happening this year?

Well, for a start, there are a host of Art Shows to take part in, with the first one (Longwick Art Show) happening in mid February – all of the framed images being exhibited (and offered for sale) will consist of new images for the year – and they are images that I’m very pleased with.

There are also a number of trips in the pipeline for the early part of the new year – Norfolk, Cambridgeshire, Devon, the Lake District and the Gower Peninsula are all pencilled in for the first three months, with further trips to Snowdonia, the Peak District and another Lake District trip due later on.

Finally, the hunt for the campervan continues – we’ve had one of two false dawns, where we thought we’d found something – and there is a bit of pressure to get this sorted, as we are already planning a campervan excursion to Skye and the Isle of Harris and Lewis for early 2024!

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