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Making plans – back on our travels!

Having had our wings ‘clipped’ by the pandemic, we have been suffering with withdrawal symptoms and we can’t wait to get back out on our travels.

When I say, “can’t wait”, we are a tad cautious about venturing too far in these uncertain times but, given another couple of months, things may have improved by then – I’m sure people will be sensible, plus we should be able to find some remote areas where people are few and far between, but it doesn’t feel quite right to be venturing outside our own catchment area.

Anyway, we’ve been searching high and low for somewhere different in the Lake District to stay and I think we’ve settled on the Elterwater area, with our next trip planned for November – 7 days of pure heaven!!

However, there is some catching up to be done and I think there may need to be a couple of long weekends slipped in before then – plus I’m hoping to do a couple of solo weekends where I can get some photographs for the next photography qualification that I’m aiming for (more of that in another blog).

The solo weekends will, again, be back up to the Lake District – you can never get enough of the place – but I think we may look at Norfolk or Suffolk for one of the other trips.

Add the Cairngorms adventure – which has been booked for a while and takes place in February next year – to the list and we may have enough arranged to keep us satisfied . . . . for now!

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