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Busy, busy, busy - then spoiled by lockdown!

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Since the last blog, there has been a lot going on - Thame Art Crawl happened and it proved a great success, with lots of positive comments along with, off the back of it, an invitation to take part in an exhibition at Thame Museum.

The exhibition runs from 31st October to 19th December 2020 - or rather, it should have done but has now been curtailed slightly due to the second lockdown. It will open again on 3rd December.

I have also managed to finally get in a few trips further afield - they included a fantastic morning at Bushy Park (for the deer rut), a trip to the New Forest plus a day in the Lake District.

We were fortunate enough to get the perfect conditions at Bushy - mist, a lovely sunrise and lots of active deer - which resulted in, probably, my best ever images. Aside from that, it is always a magical experience being near to the deer.

The trip to the New Forest wasn't as successful - I'd planned on staying over for the night but the location for the sunrise that I wanted to shoot threw up a surprise. What I thought was a pond (and is actually named on the OS map as a pond) turned out to be tidal and meant there would have been no water in it for the morning shoot! Who would have thought that a pond would be tidal - not me, so I went home.

However, the trip to the Lake District was, once again, brilliant. I arrived to find it pouring with rain but decided to get out and take a chance - fortunately, the location (Clappersgate bridge) was fairly sheltered under the trees and I was able to get a couple of pictures that I really like.

I then set off for Elterwater, to check the area for the following day - I was lucky enough to get some great weather in the afternoon and had a lovely 4 hour wander around the area before enjoying some coffee and cake.

Once again, though, the weather for the following day was forecast to be pretty bad so I decided to return home - a 500 mile round trip, but well worth it!

I was due to go back up to the Lakes for a week in November but the 2nd lockdown has meant it has been cancelled - very disappointing but, hopefully, can be re-arranged.

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