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There will be tiers . . . .

. . . . . and if Buckinghamshire or Cumbria are pushed in to tier 3, there will be tears of a different kind!

The trip to the Lake District that should have happened in November has now been re-arranged for the second week in December and, subject to tier 3 not featuring, could well go ahead.

I'm not getting too far ahead of myself but am quietly optimistic that we'll get there this time - and boy, do we need it.

Not only as a change of scenery and a partial escape for the madness that is going on around us, but also as a boost for my photography - I miss the dramatic vistas and need to re-visit a number of locations.

As far as the photography goes, we've had some decent weather (mist and sunshine) which has meant I've been out shooting some woodland pics - it's not something I find easy but it's good to push myself out of my comfort zone.

The results have been a bit hit and miss but there's a definite improvement from where I was last year and I have a few images that I actually like - a couple may even manage to make it into the portfolio.

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