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The year has fallen apart!

There is no way we are going to complain about our situation because it's a minor inconvenience compared to what is happening with so many others but, what had seemed to be a busy year coming together, has been pulled apart by this horrible virus!

We came back from the weekend in the campervan to find that two of the remaining art shows - Art on the Hill, Brill and Beaconsfield Art Show - have been cancelled whilst the third (#Connected2020) has been postponed, with the possibility of a new date in September.

Along with these, we've also had a weekend in Purbeck cancelled whilst sessions with the Little Owls, Red Foxes and a four night visit to Skomer also look likely to become casualties.

As we said, this is a minor hiccup for us compared to all of those suffering with health issues or facing financial problems so we'll regroup and look to arrange other sessions, if necessary, once things return to normal - whatever that normal may be and whenever it might occur!

In the meantime, we keep our fingers crossed that everyone stays healthy and we can look back in a few months time and find the positives in the situation - difficult to comprehend at the moment but we are sure there will be some.

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