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The Lakes and a campervan!

For some time we've been considering buying a campervan to allow us the freedom of exploring the UK without being tied down to a B and B or cottage so we decided to rent one for a long weekend to see whether it was for us - and boy, was that a good idea!

We set off on the Friday, having packed light, and headed for the Lakes - although we stopped off at the foot of the Pennines for a house viewing which, unfortunately set the tone for the weekend.

I'm not one for superstitions but maybe we should have chosen a better day than Friday 13th to start the weekend.

Anyway, the house wasn't for us so we made our way to collect the van - a VW Transporter, fully kitted out with bed and kitchen but minus a toilet, which had led to many a discussion prior to the trip.

As soon as we started to load the van, we realised that our 'packing light' wasn't anywhere near light enough and the weekend was spent continually rearranging bags and boots etc everytime we wanted to cook or sleep.

Add to this, a weekend of horrible weather and you can imagine how we were feeling - although we did keep telling ourselves that these were the best conditions to test ourselves - if we could manage this then we could manage anything.

What tipped us over the edge though was having to get up in the middle of the night and trudge to the toilets - being of a certain age means that when you need to go, you need to go and required us to get dressed and walk 100m in the wind and rain - all at 2.30 in the morning!!

Whilst the conditions were against us, we still managed to get a walk around Buttermere plus another one at Whinlatter Forest, but there was very little in the way of photography which, on a positive note, means we have to come back yet again.

What was the conclusion with the van? We still think it's a good idea - for someone younger than ourselves and I personally think it would be better to suited to just one person - not two plus a dog as we found. No - I don't think we'll be doing it again.

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