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My birthday present this year was a Pet Photography workshop with John Alexander which, as I am a massive dog lover, was perfect for me. 

It was the day after the snowfall and very cold, but the scenery was beautiful and the model even more so - Bally the Labrador. Bally is a true professional and certainly knows how to pose, especially if there's a chance of having her ball thrown for her. 

There was only the four of us attending the workshop so we all had a chance to ask questions, compare notes and have space to get some shots of Bally in action. John was brilliant and covered the basics as well as positioning the model for fun shots of Bally shaking, after a dip in the lake - all in all a great day with great company.

The next day I took my two potential models out in the snow to practice my new techniques....... Alfie & Smudge, Jack Russell's extraordinaire. Lets just say that Bally the Labrador has clearly learnt her craft, whereas Alfie just wanted to eat anything in sight and Smudge was hellbent on running around like a headless chicken, eating snow with her wild hair sticking up, while I lay on the snow trying to direct and photograph at the same time. Not as easy as it looked the day before but I may have a couple of decent shots, I will definitely keep practising . . . any excuse to have fun and cuddles with dogs.


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