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Success and an update on the last blog!

Firstly, while we may not have gone any further in the LPOTY competition we have had some positive results in other competitions - one image (which I'll attach at the bottom) - was voted in first place in a Photocrowd competition and we've been informed that the same image is a Finalist in the 'Art in the Park' competition.

We should know by the end of July whether we've been successful or not.

Add to this, an invitation to the 'Thame Art Crawl' exhibition in October and this year is turning out to be pretty good. We may have lost most of the Art Shows this year but it looks as though the end of 2020 will prove to be a lot brighter.

With regards our last blog, we mentioned that we were hoping to get back on the road later this year and we can confirm that we've got 2 trips already booked and are looking at a couple of others.

In September we are off to Norfolk and it's somewhere that we haven't visited with our cameras - in fact, Kathy hasn't visited the county at all - so that's quite exciting plus in November we are back up in the Lakes.

This time we're staying in Grasmere, for a change, and will be a mix of photography and chill out time - probably with the emphasis on chilling out as Kathy is in need of some downtime. As I said in the last blog - 7 days of heaven!

I'm also looking at a long weekend on my own in the Lakes so that I can get the next project underway - the project is required so that I can present a panel of images before a group of 5 Guild of Photographers judges in order to gain a 'Craftsman' qualification.

Obviously, this has been hampered by Covid but there's no real rush to get it completed - I want to ensure that it is top quality before I even think of putting it forward so this may not be completed until 2021.

I will be stressed out while I am undertaking the project so I don't intend for it to hang around too long.

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