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So much for slowing down!

Hi there and Happy New Year to everyone – hope you all enjoyed the break as much as we did.

In the last post, just before Christmas, I mentioned that we would probably slow down a little this year as 2018 felt a bit ‘full-on’ – well, that has already gone out of the window and we’re only just into the 2nd week of the year!

We’ve had a quiet start to 2019 but that will change over the next couple of weeks, when I will be spending a couple of nights with a mate up in the Peak District – hoping to get sunrise and sunset sessions plus a couple of walks under our belts – while Kathy will be enjoying a surprise birthday treat (more about that in the next blog).

The following week we should both be going back to the Lake District for a 4 night stay just outside Keswick – perfectly timed to avoid the kids being on half term! Aside from us loving this area, the reason for going back so soon after the last visit is because I’ve bought a new lens (a Canon 16-35mm F4 wide angle) which needs testing before we go to the Isle of Skye.

And talking of Skye, plans for this trip have changed slightly as we are no longer stopping off in Fort William on the way up but have added an extra 3 nights to the stay on Skye so that we can include a day with Stewart Dawber, who is taking us out to photograph (hopefully) sea otters and eagles.

The only issue this causes is that we now have an 11 hour drive to complete on the first day – wish us luck!

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