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Sleepless nights!

With only 3 days to go to our first Craft Fair, you would expect to be sitting back and waiting for the day to arrive – well, so did I, but, unfortunately, we’ve still got a pile of things to get ready!!

Two of the prints haven’t turned up yet and they will need cutting, mounting, packing and pricing plus we need to get the website completed, with new images added, just in case we get any website sales following the Fair and then we have to check that everything we need to take will fit in the car.

It seemed like such a good idea when I first mentioned to Kathy about selling some of our prints, but there have been a few sleepless nights along the way and I’ve started to wonder whether it’s worth it – hopefully, once we’ve got our first one under our belts, it will settle down and prove a lot easier for the other Fairs, later in the year.

Having decided to give it a try, there has been a large financial investment to ensure that we look professional on the day, along with presenting a decent amount of images to show plus a massive amount of time involved in editing images, sending them off for printing, mounting the prints, tracking down and purchasing various easels along with display units, roller banners etc. etc.

Add to this numerous changes of minds with regards which images are most suitable and then having to get more printed and you’ll understand it hasn’t been plain sailing!

Anyway, I’m off to chase the printers to find out when I will get my hands on the last two prints and hope that it doesn’t involve a last minute panic – wish us luck!

A selection of our A5 Notelet cards

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