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On a knife edge!!

Well, the first outings of the new year are rapidly approaching and the conditions could well be in our favour - they could also lead to both of the outings being postponed/cancelled!

Kathy is due to spend a morning rolling around in the mud (snow?!) taking pics of two dogs, with the hope that this leads something more in the future, while I am supposed to be going to the Peak District for 2 days of photography and walking (and maybe a spot of drinking too!).

However, the latest blast of snow may well have scuppered that and I will be spending the next two days watching the weather forecast very closely - if I can get to my destination, then the conditions forecast should prove to be well worth the journey, with snow on the ground, cold temperatures, sunshine and mist in the valleys (a photographer's paradise!).

If events go our way, we could be in for an exciting start to the new year - finger's crossed.

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