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Just a quickie!!

Trip to the Lake District, that is!

We were back in The Lakes for another couple of nights and had the pleasure of arriving to find snow covered hills and mountains all around.

We started off at Acorn Bank, a National Trust property just to the east of Penrith, as we had a couple of hours to kill before meeting up with someone - a quick walk around the small woodland surrounding the water mill before making it to the cafe for a coffee, proved delightful and a great start to the weekend - especially, as in the background we had the white hills of the Pennines which looked very inviting and somewhere to visit next time.

Our next stop was to be Derwentwater, which proved a hit with the dogs - Smudge was determined to 'kill' the waves! - before we retired to the warmth of Dancing Gate cottage (you really should try this place - dog friendly, cosy and not that costly).

We awoke on Sunday to find that it had snowed overnight but, fortunately, not enough to stop us getting out so we made our way to Cockermouth to start with, but this proved to be a waste of time so we made our way back to Buttermere via Lorton and were stunned by some of the vistas from the roadside - several stops had to be made for photographs.

This was the first time we had been this way and it brought us in to Crummock Water and another range of snow covered hills to set us drooling - however, breakfast was calling so we continued on to Buttermere.

Now, if you ever visit, make sure you go to the Syke Farm tearoom - not only do you get the best cup of coffee I've ever tasted but you will have the pleasure of experiencing the best customer service you are likely to encounter - the girls who work there are an absolute joy and full of smiles! Seriously, they can't be bettered!

Suitably refreshed, we wandered off to Buttermere lake itself to see if we could get anything different to our last visit but the light was pretty awful so it wasn't too successful - with the dogs getting cold too, we decided that the only option we had. . . . . . was to get another cup of coffee so back to Syke tearoom it was!

By this time, Crummock Water was calling so we drove off to see what we could find - it took a while but we stumbled across a stream running down a hill which created several waterfalls along it's path - well, it would have been rude not to, so off I went to explore.

It turned into one of those moments when you start climbing and find a spot, take a couple of shots and then think "I wonder what's over the next rise?" so off you go and before long you've almost climbed the bl**dy mountain!

Brilliant fun, but then you turn around and realise that the weather is changing so you'd better hotfoot it back to the car before getting caught in whatever deluge was about to be thrown at you - almost . . . I almost made it back before the sky opened and battered me with hailstones!

Still, it was worth it and here's to the next visit, whenever that might be.

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