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Competition success!! Countryfile calendar next?

Why am I doing this? Should I bother? The questions kept being asked and we couldn’t make up our mind what to do.

What were we referring to? Well, it was whether to enter some images into a competition – there were no prizes on offer but it would be an opportunity to have the photo’s judged by a panel of professional photographers, who then award Gold, Silver, Bronze or Classified status to them.

In the end, we decided that we had nothing to lose – other than the possible loss of pride – so it was a risk worth taking to see how our photographs are considered by others. As it turned out, we have just found out that, out of 5 images entered, one merited a silver award while three were awarded the bronze – a superb result and a major boost to our confidence!

So much so that we have now posted several pics on a website that sells images from a number of photographers – if you are interested, please check out Alternatively, you could purchase direct from us – although we don’t offer some of the items that Photo4Me sell.

Next stop – we may have to enter the Countryfile calendar!

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