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What is it? In my case, it’s the reason for a lot of my original blurred pictures – shaky hands!

However, apparently, it is a ‘thing’ – Intentional Camera Movement (ICM – did you see what they did there?) and there are a number of photographers out there doing it.

It’s a technique where you set a long exposure which allows you to move the camera while taking the picture – it’s definitely not to everyone’s taste but, for me, it’s another way of using the camera to produce an image.

I’d like to think that I’m receptive to any new ideas and brave (as several people have told me) enough to give it a go, so, having stumbled across a website (www. recently, I decided to give it a try and was pleasantly surprised with the results (check out our gallery as we’ve posted a few images).

Now, Andy Gray takes it a step further with extensive post processing and produces images that I really like (again, not necessarily to everyone’s taste) and the photographs become more like works of art than photo’s – check out his website to see what I mean.

As we will be on his doorstep for our next adventure (more of that in our next blog!), we’ve decided to spend half a day with him to see if he can improve our technique and it should prove to be an interesting morning.

Not only is it another string to our bow but there are further benefits in that it means we don’t have to carry several kilos of equipment (I can hear my knees breathe a sigh of relief!) plus we aren’t reliant on the weather, as it can be done in any condition.

Great Haseley windmill

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