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2020: A year of opportunity

Well, the new decade has arrived and we're really looking forward to another exciting year, with plenty of opportunities for InK Photography to explore.

As mentioned in the previous blog, we have a number of Craft Fairs and Art Shows already in the diary - the first of which, the Longwick Art Show (, is only a couple of weeks away!

Before that though, we have spent a day with Neil Neville ( chasing Short Eared Owls in the South West, with several hours waiting by the roadside before they put in an appearance. It's the first time we've seen them and, wow, what an experience - 3 different birds showing and performing acrobatics, along with 'barking' at each other when threatened.

Unfortunately, despite providing a wonderful show, it was all done some distance away and the camera couldn't get any decent images - I guess we will have to return!

Also on the horizon, and prior to the Art Show, we have a week away in our favourite place - the Lake District - part holiday and part 'business' where we meet up with relatives and also try to capture some decent images for the 'Craftsman' panel that Ian is aiming to achieve this year.

Hopefully, by combining it with a holiday, we won't feel so pressured to get 'the' shot and may just stumble across some hidden gems.

There will also be some interesting news in the not too distant future, with a couple of very exciting items to be announced - providing we can complete the arrangements - WATCH THIS SPACE!

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