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2019 calendar

Updated: Jan 5, 2019

We've been asked on numerous occasions whether we sell our photographs but that hasn't been the case . . . . until now!

We decided to take a chance and get some calendars printed that featured some of our landscape and wildlife images and we are delighted to find that they have sold out.

It is immensely gratifying, not to mention a massive ego boost, to find that we are not the only ones who find our images pleasing and it makes all the hard work well worth it - when I say hard work, I don't consider standing in the middle of a wood at sunrise/sunset or next to a lake in the Lake District too much like work!

We've now decided to offer our prints for sale as 'Open' editions (there will be no limit to the number printed) or 'Limited' editions (limited to 100 copies of each image - with the exception of panoramas which will be limited to 25 copies).

Mounted prints will be available in A4 (400 x 300mm), A3 (500 x 400mm) or A2 (700 x 500mm) sizes - with the option of a white or black mount.

Prices are as follows:

'Open' edition A4 - £23.99

'Open' edition A3 - £29.99

'Open' edition A2 - £48.99

'Limited' edition A3 - £59.00

'Limited' edition A2 - £89.00

'Limited' edition Panoramas - POA

Plus P & P.

it is intended to start this in January 2019, so watch this space for any new announcements.

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