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Thame Art Crawl is happening!

We've still to have our exact venue confirmed but the event is definitely happening and we're delighted to be taking part. I'm not sure that we'll get many sales from it, but it's about broadcasting our name again so it is a good opportunity.

As soon as we get confirmation of the venue, I will update the blog but, in the meantime, keep October 15th - 18th 2020 free in your diary.

On other fronts, #Connected2020 is still supposed to be going ahead - another one for October 2020 - and we await further news, while Waterperry Christmas Market in December is in the balance.

I've made some enquiries but they are unsure of what is happening so it's just a matter of waiting for updates.

Meanwhile, I am trying to increase the presence on social media platforms and I have to say a massive thank you to Mark Littlejohn for posting one of my images (see below) on his Instagram page (check out his page mark_littlejohn to see some stunning images).

Any shares on Instagram (@inkphotography7), Twitter (@inkphotography1) or Facebook (@inkphotography56) would be much appreciated.

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